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Level Transmitter

Offered Level Transmitter Devices are offered with simple mechanical operation. These have no moving parts and stay in need of less maintenance. Offered devices are resistant to turbulence and are serviceable as the cost-effective transmitters. These loop-powered products can consistently and accurately measure the liquid level. Digital Level Transmitters are accessible in compact size and due to this, these can fit into all pipes of smaller sizes. Hydrostatic level measurement provided by the products is totally accurate. These products gain high popularity on account of their robustness, simple installation and advanced reliability. These gauges are proffered with design variations as well as alternative sensor technologies. Level measurement computed by the offered cost-effective and precision devices is never influenced by the vessel geometry and existent equipment.

Key Points:

  • Provided with a tested measuring principle and high dependability.
  • Make a direct contact with medium.
  • Stay immune to dust, buildup, vapor, foam, contaminants etc.
  • The measurement provided is not affected by viscousness, conductivity or dielectric coefficient.

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