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Level Switch
Level Switches are provided with many electrodes and ensure accurate detection of liquid levels. These are necessary for the housing complexes, water works, industrial facilities etc. Offered switches also provide assistance in the sewage treatment facilities.
Rotameters are the changeable area flow-meters, suitable for attaining an accurate measurement of fluid flow. These are operated with float-pointed tube system. The grounds behind their popularity are comparatively large measurement range, low pressure drop and linear scales.
Flow Meter
Flow Meters are the volume sensing instruments, which can indicate the level of gases and fluid. Their accuracy enable them to be serviceable in many industrial and laboratory applications.  Their digital operation eases the task and show accurate results.
Pressure Gauges
Provided Pressure Gauges are appropriate for numerous industrial as well as application-specific pressure observation tasks. Their task ensures the consistency of the product and back up a safety check. Accuracy and speed are the two major facets of these devices.
Level Transmitter
Level Transmitters are the high-quality instruments, which ensure continuous level measurement. These industrial grade products can detect the level of fuels, water, syrupy fluids, powders etc. The precision products are applicable for power, chemical, material handling, water treatment, food and beverage etc.
Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator)
Sight Glasses (Sight Flow Indicators) are the dependable instruments, which can bear the high temperatures and pressures. These level sensors allow the operator to observe the accurate level of liquid. Industries of biopharm, dairy, food & beverage and personal care need these appliances.
Level Gauges
Level Gauges are applicable for their installation in drums, vessels, tanks, pressure and kindred applications. These have accessible in various forms and can modify the process of fluid level monitoring. Offered devices have the ability to examine the contents of tank.

Manometer U Tube Single Limb
Manometer U Tube Single Limbs are widely suited for measuring moderate pressures of several fluids. These are functional on an advanced level, ensuring reliable and speedy operation. The said instruments are provided with accurate readings.
Float and Board Level Indicator
Float and Board Level Indicators are suited for the storage tanks of petroleum products, such as furnace oil, lube oil, diesel, and so on. These are appropriate for the storage of molasses, silicates, vegetable oils, glucose and so on.
Manometers are highly helpful in assorted laboratory experiments. These can  exhibit the effect of air pressure on a column of liquid. The devices can be placed against a metric scale. Offered devices ensure accuracy and quickness in operation.
Level Sensor
Level sensors are used primarily for manufacturing and automotive industries. These are suited to be used in many household appliances. Accuracy, speed and optimum make of the sensors make them highly suited for assorted applications. Supplied sensors provide accurate readings.
Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensors supplied by our company are utilized to monitor several environments, power plants, and machines. These can efficiently measure water temperatures in boreholes as well as reservoirs and. In addition, these detectors can interpret temperature-related variations and stress in volumes.
Measurement Gauges & Gauge Fittings
Measurement Gauges & Gauge Fittings are advanced instruments, which have been made to measure the pressure of media in an entire system. These are best measuring equipment known to make a certain deviance from the actual value.

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